Coaching: I’m the type of coach that holds you accountable to ensure that you reach your potential. My guidance will help you build strategies that lead to personal and professional achievement.

Team Building and Roadmap: I develop a long term strategic document that illustrates where you would like your company to end up factoring in where your company is currently.


Conflict Resolution for teams: I’m an expert in Agile development and strategies. I have helped teams get past their impediments and reach their goals. I custom build your plan based on the needs of your organization.

What Clients are Saying


'' I recently saw your video about your AAA approach to transitions and transformations, and it was very inspiring! I experienced what felt like a long transition during these past 3-4 months as I sought clarity on the direction that I want to pivot my career and demolished my limiting beliefs and fear that were holding me back. Knowing about your AAA approach sooner would have made this past "season of stuck" go by faster, but I accept that the season was part of my growth process."
Eboni Agee
Research Associate