About the Founder

The founder of TILT Synergy Inc. and DiamondShine Life Revitalization Strategies, Natalie J Clayton, truly  walks the talk when it comes to her professional  catchphrase “Brilliance by Belief”

As far back as she can remember, this dynamic  thought leader had a calling to share her astute insights  and help others rise up to a better way to live. Whether  it was defying the school bully, refusing to let cruel  insults deter her from ultimately securing the win for her  sports team, or insisting on her right, years later, to an  unprejudiced, harassment-free workplace during her  time with the department of justice, Natalie’s life  journey has been all about standing strong in her  power, optimizing adversity, and making a positive  difference in the world. 

She began her public justice and policing career after  her interest was piqued early on, working briefly as a  911 operator, but not before graduating college with a  Bachelor of Arts in public administration and a Master  

of Science in human services-organizational  management and leadership. Among other professional  highlights, Natalie excelled as a police officer, parole  agent, and law enforcement professor, amassing over  twenty years of experience in all aspects of police  training, including investigations, crime prevention,  trauma assessment, even undercover.

While obviously successful, she still envisioned doing  more to address the root of the issues that led people  into crime and addiction. Natalie longed to play more of  a preventative role in individual lives, one that would  capitalize on her innate strengths, her empathic gifts,  and intuitive wisdom. Now, a certified life  

transformation coach with the International Coaching  Federation, Ms. Clayton is an award-winning speaker,  educator, and sought-after self-change strategist. 

We come into this world as vibrant beings of light and  power, but, typically, our perfect “DiamondShine” is  dulled over time by traumatic events and ensuing  negative emotions. Working together in her innovative  programs, Natalie will guide you to eliminate self sabotage and imposter syndrome to live the joyous,  confident & abundant life you deserve!