As an investigator and undercover cop, I spent years learning how to identify deception in people. In this article, I’ll share some of the factors that helped me become better at detecting lies and staying safe in the field.

“The Psychology of Deception”

The external representations of people may not always match their internal reality. This means that you can’t always trust what you see on the surface. For example, a sausage inside of a banana peel may look like a banana at first glance. Similarly, people can hide their true intentions and emotions behind a facade. It’s important to understand the psychology of human deception to detect these discrepancies.

“The Science of Human Behavior”

Human behavior is often predictable, and understanding patterns of behavior can help you detect deception. Pay attention to your gut feelings – they can be a helpful tool in identifying lies. Effective communication and connection are also important. Building rapport with someone can lead to trust, but be aware that even truthful people may share inaccurate information based on their own unique interpretation of events.

“Reading Body Language”

Body language is a powerful tool in detecting lies. People communicate through a combination of spoken words, written language, and gestures. Stay engaged and observe what individuals say and do with their body language. Look for inconsistencies between their words and actions. There are two types of gestures – conscious and subconscious. Conscious gestures are done to convey a specific message, while subconscious gestures are automatic and can reveal a person’s true emotions. Pay attention to both types of gestures to get a full picture of what someone is trying to communicate.


Detecting deception is a crucial skill for investigators and undercover cops, but it’s also a valuable tool for anyone who wants to stay safe and avoid being taken advantage of. By understanding the psychology of human deception, the science of human behavior, and how to read body language, you can become better at detecting lies and protecting yourself in any situation.

Trust your instincts, stay alert, and stay safe.